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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Basically, it sounds like you are hesitating too long to commit to the edge change. This hesitation is allowing your board to side slip down the hill too much and then you flatten it out completely front and back foot and wham.

Remember, you initiate these basic skidded turns using board twist and the front foot is used first in any turn initiation. With your board across the fall line in a traverse, shift your body weight toward your front foot. This is done with the legs, not breaking at the waist. Relax only the front foot while maintaining uphill edge pressure with the back foot. The nose of the board begins to slip down the hill and as it does this, you slowly let off of the uphill pressure with the back foot. The ideal timing is that as the board points down the fall line in the turn, you are totally flat based for a half of a second.

You then increase edge pressure with the front foot only onto the new edge to control the board through your turn. As the the board continues to turn up out of the fall line, you should be gradually increasing uphill edge pressure (same edge as the front foot) to follow through and complete your turn.

Thanks Sno, I'll try to remember this verbatim when I go out next. Alas, our weather is turning VERY unfavorable this year. 50's this week and one day may hit a high of 65! I'm hoping we get a cold snap, a bunch of snow to replace what was lost and to cover the garbage that will be left over to get some more weeks in.

I think my issue is that I'm not weighting properly. I tried the front foot twist and IMMEDIATELY caught my back edge and fell on my butt , on the bunny slope! lol. I have been able to toss my weight forward and back over and in front of the board to ride on either the toe or heel edge, which gives me a slight turn while traversing straight down the slope, but it only works with packed power and at a very medium speed, so I knew something was wrong there too. I had a couple turns that were rather effortless, but I never was able to remember what I did.

If I had a medium hill I think I could learn alot more. The bunny slope is too slow and the blue hills are always very packed and slick. you FLY and time is very limited.

Hopefully I'll get it, if I don't the next couple times out I'm going to try to find a certified instructor... my initial search turned up nothing for my area tho
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