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Originally Posted by danm View Post
That's interesting, I was under the impression that the T.Rice and Heritage were very similar stiffness, with the Dark and Raptor being the stiffest from each company... BTW, my all mountain is a T.Rice 157 C2 and I'm 5'5" 175. Curious why you went to a Heritage from a T.Rice?
For sure the Heritage is softer, no question about it. I was in the market for a new board because I felt my T.Rice was too short (same 157 but I'm 5" taller and 75 lbs heavier). I was thinking about just getting the T.Rice in a 161.5 but kept reading on here about Never Summer and just had to try one. I'm now thinking the Primer F1 is a closer match to the T.Rice but I haven't actually ridden one so can't be sure. By going to the 162 in the Heritage I got most of what I wanted which was more stability at speed but I think the T.Rice 161.5 would have been a bit better...that said it would also have been more work at slower speeds. One thing I really like about the Heritage is that it is so easy to ride switch...I think this is due to the softer flex and the fact that I don't ride switch nearly as fast as I do regular. The Heritage is quicker edge to edge than the T.Rice...I sort of like that about it as well.
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