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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
I am pretty positive that you own or spend your money on things that are outside of the U.S. aside from snowboards. Even then, you aren't 100% sure all of the materials, machinery, etc... are made of parts that are 100% made in the U.S.A.

Sorry, I can't help myself when people make a comment like that. The better argument would be that you like to buy American made products due to higher quality.

Imports stimulate our economy and in a lot of cases creates jobs here. But no argument about the many evils of needless outsourcing/off-shoring.

"Keeping your money in the U.S." is an economical myth. Also, these out-of-country factories help reduce the costs of snowboards for a lot of companies. It's a fact you have to deal with if you want lower prices. There is a reason why Lib-Tech and Never Summer snowboards have a premium on their price tag. Two U.S. companies that I fully support due to their high quality products.

OP: The Carbon Credit is a good board and if you ride hardpack/icey conditions a lot, the magnetraction will work well.

If you really want a long term board, the Slayblade and Highlife are great boards. However, if you are just learning, it will make it more difficult. Don't misread that as impossible. You can definitely learn on those two baords, just that you'll have a bit more to work at. They are both very fast and stiff boards so if you think you are prepared for that, pull the triggger. Both are ultimate freeride sticks.
Yeah, the "made outside US" is pretty much modern day slavery. Because of the value difference in human labor, companies just use other ppl to make things cheaper and the Americans who are PRODUCTIVE, can afford more of them. If your job is off-shored and you can't get another one, it just means you are a weak player in the economy and are inferior to your peers and too lazy to retrain for the new age and expect like a "union" or some crap to protect you. The fact is that we aren't "communists". We are equal oportunity capitalists, so if you are a weak worker and can be weeded out by some foriegner, you deserver to be poor. And the rest of the hard workers shouldn't slow down just for the weaklings and drag down the whole nation...and the rest of the world. This is what gloabalization entails.
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