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well, i'm new to riding so, take what I say with a grain of salt but.

Everyday I go out, I think I'm going to immediately pickup with where I left off. And every time I go out, I'm surprised that I have to get a good hour in before I get back to where I was...

I'm usually surprised at how much effort I have to put into riding vs what I have impressions of in my head. Once I get that though I'm good.

HOWEVER - more than a few times, I wrecked pretty hard and kept favoring a very safe turn that I do when I'm going faster than my comfort zone, which is reduced from having a wreck. So my execution is sloppy, and my efforts are weak - yet I'm working hard to stay up and moving ahead.

Best way I've found to get over this is to think of a very basic stuff again without just trying to do it. Weight distribution, angle of attack, etc etc.

Maybe you are just favoring your weight a certain way because you remember it being easier than it was, or, maybe even getting overly confident and lazy with the landings.

Then of course, like the other poster wrote , maybe switch to trying something else then go back to that, you might be over thinking
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