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Originally Posted by crsk8andsno56 View Post
Kk guys Im a bit nervous :-)

First rail jam today... Any tips/pointers?

Not sure what the rail is gonna be though so Cant give you any specific info
Never been in a snow contest, but have been in many skateboard ones...
Over the years, the best contest prepping advice I can give is this:

(1) The key to doing the best YOU are able to, is being calm and relaxed. Tension, nervouness, etc are killers. If your laid back, and having fun, then you'll do a lot better than if your are stressed and not enjoying it.

(2) The next question then, is how to you maintain level of serenity. A buddhist monk and a heroin junkie all have their own ideas how to achive it. It is something you have to work for yourself. For me, what always worked best was getting a song I really liked stuck in my head. From there, you don't listen to the crowd, your friends, the cheers, or just zone-out and listen to the "music", and groove.
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