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The lever that flips to tighten them. When you are leaning a hard toe side you take a lot of pressure off the highback. Without that tension it sounds like the lever is flipping down and releasing your high back.
Does this sum it up correctly???

Is there a locking tab or some type of clip that keeps the highback lever in place. I know my NXT's have one. If so, after all those great years of reliable riding that part has worn out, allowing the highback to release unexpectedly.

Just a thought, and I agree with HuskyFlip, why aren't you trying some of the other bindings. You bought them, never use or very infrequently use them, now your looking for a different brand of another new binding.

Wierd....just sayin....

I love being lazy as the line off the lift is deep with people strapping in, I just jump in, flip lever up and I'm off... I love it...
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