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Default taking it to the bigger features

I think have a okay arsenal of tricks I can do but I'm having problems (mostly balls to) take them to the bigger features in the parks. The bigger jumps, elevated boxes, and longer rails.

On the smaller 5-10ft jumps I can land front 3's and sw front 3's and bs/fs 180's regular and switch.
I can hit the bigger 10-25ft kickers but I'm scared to throw the tricks. I'm not really sure how the kicker will throw me or how slow to rotate compared to the smaller jumps

For boxes and rails I have board slides, front boards, lip slides, and sw front boards down pretty well can land regular and fakie and do fs/bs 180s out on 50/50's
My problem on them is the balls to hit the elevated boxes and longer rails. I end up getting onto my edges and well... Thats no good.
On gap to's I have the same problem when I try to land on the slides

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