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Originally Posted by rasmasyean View Post
I'm a Regular rider, but I wouldn't suspect that that matters?
No, that shouldn't really matter.

Originally Posted by rasmasyean View Post
... depending on how you ride a lot. In my case I might be landing "tail heavy switch" (I presume you mean "in the back seat" / "over-weighting the rear") and feel uncomfortable riding it out and thus heel as a natural reaction to stop.
yeah that's what I mean by "fakie" vs. "switch". It's a subtle difference. When you ride switch, you have a forward stance, it's just that you're opposite foot is in front. When you land (or if you were to ride fakie) you are not in a proper forward stance. The difference between switch & fakie is more obvious on a skateboard where foot position determines whether it's one or the other, but on the snowboard your feet are fixed, so it's balance & body position that determine whether you're in a forward stance or not.

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