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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
With just one year riding and the fact that you are able to initiate turns just fine on mellower terrain, I would say this is not an equipment issue. Riding steeps takes work and progression just like any other maneuver in snowboarding. You are pushing your envelope and as a result, you will face challenges. If your stance angles are comfortable and work well in all of your riding but steeps, don`t go changing things. Keep working with what you have and it will come. By changing your setup, you adding another variable into the mix....stick it out and deal with it, we all went through this when we first started riding steeps. You are doing just fine....

As a tip for steeps, two things will help you most of all. The first is tons of flexion to initiate the turn. Get down as low to that board as you can. If you are riding the steeps correctly, your quads will be burning bad from the flexing down low. Second, start using good fore-aft movements in your turn. Start out with your weight forward and as the board turns up out of the fall line, shift your weight aft to complete the turn.
Thanks Snowolf! I dont post here often, but I've been lurking for a while, and your posts have always helped me dramatically!
I think you may be right about me just having to get more accustom to riding steeps. I think I have to build up those muscles more too. My legs burn and tremble a lot after I finish a long steep run, usually leaving my thighs and calves burning and exhausted.
Also last weekend it was very warm in PA where I usually ride. The snow was all slushy and choppy, making it even more tolling to ride. Mini-Moguls everywhere, it felt ungroomed even though I was riding at the start of the day. Is there anyway to ride conditions like that without completely wearing yourself out? I haven't had a chance to ride on a nice groomed black yet since I just started on steeps and its almost the end of the season. I might drive up to Vermont this weekend, the conditions are supposed to be good there for a bit longer.

Thanks again,
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