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Default Arbor Draft/Westmark/Coda

I've been researching boards throughout the season. Trying to get a feel for what direction I'd like to go for my second board. My main stick is a 159 Ride Agenda 2010 (camber). It's a good board and has treated me super well so far. With a background in skateboarding and wake boarding, It's inevitable that I want something more flextastic and playful.

So I'm torn between the three. I've already found deals on 2 of the 3. I'm having problems finding a Coda in a size that I'd be comfortable at. I think with the Coda I'd have to go to 161. It's not a deal breaker, but at 170 lbs I think it's a little big for a butter board. I'm nervous to go below 159 because I'm 6' 3". I've tried a 157 and I just didn't feel the same level of comfort. Maybe I just need to spend more time. Also the Coda is a little more all mountain and I'm not as worried about all around riding since I'll always bring both with me when I ride.

Basically looking for suggestions from Arbor fans. I know Nivek & BA are both fans of the brand. Just looking for .02 on the direction to go.

Thanks in advance
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