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Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
At 170 lbs get a 156 Westmark if you wanna ride a ton of park. At 145lbs I could charge comfortably on the 150.

Ride rocker like a skateboard, it will feel different than your camber. Drive between your feet, and ollie more like a skateboard, don't lean'n'load ollie like you would camber.

It is one of my all time favorite boards.
Thank you, sir. Wrong thread to post this, but do you have recommendations for bindings? I was thinking the 390 boss for the canting. Otherwise I could throw my Union Force's on it and get something different for my camber board. Would probably be fine either way. I want to make sure I ask because my last 2 board purchases have ended badly. I'm extremely happy with the Agenda but I thought the one I was getting was the rocker version (this year). Wasn't a deal breaker but it was mildly disappointing since I've got 2 other camber boards at the moment.
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