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I have a shell ticket if any of you feel like stopping by the Summit Sports office in Bloomfield Hills lol.

I just have to comment on my last experience at Alpine Valley. I was very upset to see that their park maintenance is poor now. I remember a few years ago, Alpine had a pristine park and the kickers were always very nice. Over the years, I've seen pictures and saw first hand last weekend the poor shape of the jumps. One of the smaller kickers had a jagged lip and you couldn't even see the blue markers anymore.

The rest of the slope looked like they gave up on snow-making while Holly and PK still churn out the snow nightly (weather allowing). Another thing that bothered me a lot was the lifties. They did not shovel or smooth out the lift area. My friend and I actually scraped the yellow marker ourselves so others can see where to stand so they don't end up sitting on the rail of the lift rather than the actual chair. Also, the crowd this past Sunday was horrible. I saw people being very dangerous on the kickers. Multiple times I saw two people hitting the same kicker and same lip at the same time. One kid would go and a skier would go up next to them and hit it. Very rude and dangerous!

Sorry, that was my rant. Needless to say, I have a bitter taste in my mouth in regards to Alpine. I left early that day out of disgust. Took all my energy not to approach the older people hitting the kickers right next to kids that were already hitting it.

Sorry Dave, strictly Holly or PK for me unless AP cleans up their act. I'm not good enough at jumps to be launching myself off shark toothed lips.
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