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Default Good and Bad with Rocker?

Okay, seriously, I do not want to start a pissing match for camber vs. rocker like that other thread. I honestly just want to get some thoughts on rocker.

I just did some serious riding on a rocker board for the first time last night and had a few observations and wanted to vet them with people that have more experience with camber vs. rocker.

My main board is a 167 GNU 11up (camber, no mtx).

Last night I rode a 160 K2 Raygun with rocker.

Here's what I felt:
1. I liked turning in the tracked felt a little easier/quicker to turn. although some of this may have been because it was a smaller board.
2. I didn't like it on the hard pack groomer that was a little chunky...harder to hold the edge. It took a little adjusting so it was better after a few runs.
3. It didn't feel as poppy on my ollies of small lips or drops, but did launch me pretty well on jumpst with a lip that carved up.
4. I felt like I stomped my landings a little easier than normal. The snow was soft, which obviously helped, but it almost felt like the rocker was more forgiving.

Do these observations seem about right? I think there is a purpose for both camber and rocker on the hill, but I just wanted to explore my own thoughts on rocker after my first real time on the hill with one.
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