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1. Agree. A small lean and the board pretty much hooks into the turn instantly. It's "power steering" on a snowboard, according to some reviews.

2. Agree. Because of above, you have to adjust your dynamicism (is that a word) so that you won’t wash out right away. At higher speeds it doesn’t hold an edge as good too.

3. Agree. I felt that “launch advantage” in LITTLE kickers too. I think it has to do with the fact that the rocker floats on fluffy snow better…which is where I found most of my “carved up lips” (natural moguls). Not sure what happens if it’s a hard kicker.

4. Not spin landings. Rocker is more forgiving and will wash out instead of putting you on your face. But if you’re precise and/or going “fast”, camber has better ability to lock onto the direction of travel.

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