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Originally Posted by KonVex View Post
Hello as you can see I am new to this forum. When i snowboard(goofy)i use my back foot to act like a rudder then use appropriate edge pressure to pull me around the turn. i have been boarding about 10 times this whole season and i want to know if this is the proper technique. Some people say to use your hips to pull your self around to turn i find that physically impossible and end up ruddering.
I think you're talking about skidding. If you used "appropriate edge pressure to pull you arround", you're prolly just skidding a lot during the end of your turn. Carving (only using lean) to turn the board is actually hard for beginners. This makes a thin line track and you need to balance real good on your toes and heels. Skidded turns are normally the turning you learn first...and as you become better, you can reduce the duration of each skid to link to the next turn. Usually ppl skid a lot heelside at first.

"Ruddering" (or snow slashing) is actually a pretty advanced technique and it's not that easy so I do as a beginner. You will know you are "ruddering" if you use your arms counter-roate the board in the opposite direction, more used in steeps and moguls and trees by some ppl. It enables fast edge switching without dwelling too much in the "in between turns state". Othen it's used to stop or deflect your board before you run into something too. Some ppl will even air the tail a little or something like a "hop turn".

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