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If you want to buy her men's bindings, you need to bring her boot and see if it fits. If it slips laterally, don't buy them. I went all-in on Union Forces only to find that they were really too wide for a women's boot. I had to crank them down until my toes were numb before my foot stopped slipping. Bad news.

Bought a pair of Burton Lexas. Not cheap, but if you can hunt down a good deal on them, I highly recommend them. I'm coming off of a long boycott of Burton women's bindings. I owned Lexas from a few years ago and loathed them. Bought Escapades and hated them, too. Was in Montana, desperately needed a pair of women's bindings, caved and bought the Lexas, and have been loving them. LOVING them. They fixed the toe cap so it actually works without slipping. And they are light as fuck. I love them.

I haven't tried the Stilettos, but those were recommended as well.
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