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Default Demo day at my hill.....

A little background: I've been boarding for 20yrs. Ride everything, pipe, rails, jumps, steeps, not much powder (look where I'm from) Current setup: Ride Decade 156 (probably 5yrs old) Ride SPi's, 32 lashed. I do everything with one board, I would be to lazy to go back to the car to get a different board when I wanna ride rails, etc....

Demo day at my local hill only board companies there were Rossignal and Flow. Mostly skis today.(I guess I missed the snowboard demo earlier this winter) But thats alright I mainly wanted to see what all this negative camber stuff was all about. So first board was a Flow full rocker board (don't remember the name) It worked ok the biggest thing I noticed was I couldn't lay it over on the heel edge as far as I'm used to, it washed out on me twice. It was pretty soft on flex. I could see where this would be a fun board once in a while. Next was a Flow hybrid, this board seemed to turn slower then my Ride and the full rocker, but I could lay it over more then the rocker.
Next was an Arbor Element 158 cambered board, no surprise here it rode alot like my current Ride. I had the most fun on this one.
It was getting close to closing time and I quickly grabbed a Rossignol, the rep told me that Rossi only makes a hybrid no full rocker. It has camber in the middle, flat under the feet, and early rise at the tip and tail. This one rode pretty good and I could probably get pretty comfortable on this board with more time.
Also got to demo the Flow bindings which was a bonus, I kept getting heel lift unless I really cranked them down tight, which when the rep saw me release them said I had them to tight but if I went looser I would have heel lift. Maybe more time there to dial'm in. I also didn't like tripping over that high back when skating.
So what did I learn today? I'll stay with a cambered board, thankyou.
Thats my .02, take it for what its worth, not much...
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