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Default Burton Hail pressure point

So I just got hails last week and I've ridden them three times so far. I wear a size 9 shoe and i got size 7.5 boots. The night before i went riding i wore them around for like 2 hours and i noticed discomfort in my ankles and on the top of my foot, but it wasn't too bad. Then after riding the next day for about and hour and a half i got some pretty bad discomfort and pain on the top of my foot, especially when i was strapped in to the board. I was at first afraid that this was the ankle strap that was causing the pain because the boots are so soft, but I hoping it's just because theyre new boots. Now, after the third day riding in them, I still noticed the pain but after a longer period of riding, so i'm hoping it will eventually go away when the boots pack out a bit. What do you think, does the boot just need to pack out some more?
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