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Originally Posted by linvillegorge View Post
The only rocker design that I've spent meaningful time on is NS's RC. I have been on others, but just a lap or two here and there. Not enough to fairly comment on them.

At first, I thought the RC seemed sketchy on groomers and hardpack. Before, I'd ridden camber exclusively. As I got more comfortable with the RC though, I actually don't feel that way any longer. You just have to lay into it a little harder. It doesn't bite as quick as camber does, but once you lay into it, it holds very well. The biggest thing that opened my eyes to this was doing some tests using my GPS on speed. I picked out a nice empty groomer with a nice drop of about a 1/4 of a mile. The conditions were choppy, but not too bad. I took my RC Evo out first. My best out of 3 runs was 48.5mph. I then grabbed my NS Heritage cambered plank that's an absolute bomber and got a best speed of 51.8mph. Not the huge difference I expected. The main difference between the two was that the Heritage ate up the chops and bumps better giving me the confidence to point it a little harder. Give me a stiffer RC board like the current Heritage and I don't think there would've been any difference.

I agree that RC doesn't seem as poppy, but I ollie like a bitch anyway. Seriously, my efforts are pathetic. I'm getting better but I still suck at it. And I'm a guy who had a 30" vertical in HS.

I agree with you on landing jumps. The RC design is definitely more forgiving. It doesn't absorb the impact as well, but there's less chance of catching an edge leading to a nasty slam.
I wonder if with that stiffer RC board and more fluffy snow conditions will you be faster because the board might skip the surface more vs. eat the bumps like the camber plank (which prolly slows you down a bit).
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