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Originally Posted by BliND KiNK View Post
Welcome to the forum.. I'm going to assume you mean a 180 butter? ... or is a nose roll when you use upper body? never heard of it .... practice presses... A LOT.. on nose and tail.. basically to do what I think you do is pull the press.. so in this case go into a nose press and as you are turn your head and shoulders (hur hur hur) the direction you want to spin and then swing that leg out like a damn dancer.
thanks blind for the quick response.

YouTube - Snowboard tricks - Nose Roll 180 Frontside S-KP

the vid has a pretty long intro, the trick is at 0:25. i can get the board around but instead of the nose sticking to the ground, i keep nollieing out of the press. am i throwing my body to hard and causing me to launch in the air?
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