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Default Help on Waxing?!?

hey guys,

Ok so 2 days ago i bought my first iron and wax... i waxed my board following snowolfs videos... and it turned out good... i let the board sit for 30 minutes or so and then i started to scrape the wax off... after like 2 inches of wax shavings on the ground, i finally realized that no ,ore wax was coming off... i look at my board and feel it and it doesnt seem to have any wax on it like when i look at it... its real smooth. Is this a bad thing or good thing... or does this mean i need to re-wax and FYI i used a plastic 8 inch Dakine Scraper... and Dakine All Temp Wax! I used more than half of the wax stick... and i completely covered the board after dripping it on... by ironing it all over... Also i am a new boarder and im new to waxing... was going to buy an edge sharpener... but didnt want to mess it up, so ill have it done by a professional at the mountain... and i did scaratch the base a little with the scarper but not alot... real small scratch...

thanks alot guys!!!
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