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How to be in control while going faster

So I'm up here at the US open for snowboarding at Stratton and just feeling completely out of my element with all of these amazing young riders. Quite a humbling experience. At 34, this is only the latter half of my third full season of riding. When there is powder, I can ride many of the blacks here at Stratton, today was an ice fest because of the ice storm two days ago so I wasn't even feeling comfortable anywhere. But the competitors, most of which are 10-20 years younger, fly around on the ice like it is nothing. Seriously I am just amazed out how fast everyone is going.

I have never been very comfortable with speed, but the more chopped up the snow the more comfortable I am going faster.

I feel like there is a connection between being better at going faster and being better at riding on ice, and just want to get some feedback here. I think the key to both, is being able to carve on your edge. I think riding on powder for me, just allows me to be sloppy and do more skidding turns rather than actual carving. But ice, is not so forgiving and when skidding it sucks and slows you down horribly. I'm not very good at actual dynamic carving. Only when I am most comfortable, on easy blues or greens, when it is not too icy, I am able to make tight turns and transition from one edge to the other, make the 'S' type riding, where I can be on my heels and then switch to my toes before my board actually points down the hill and then the turn happens.

But when it gets steeper or it gets icy, I freeze up and resort to skidding turns.

Does this sound right to people? Is this the key to going faster and also controlling on ice? making the turns be edge only carving. Any advice on how to progress at this and get more comfortable doing it on steeper stuff would be good. I feel I can do it but only on easy trails and not when going too fast. I just don't feel comfortable at all with speed. If I start going to fast, it's weird, it like I somehow the speed causes me to forget how to snowboard. It is hard to describe. When I am going slow, everything feels right and I feel in control. But if I start to go to fast, I just forget everything. How do I get more comfortable at going fast? I can only guess feeling in control will allow me to go faster. is dynamic carving the key?
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