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Default fear while jumping and getting speed

Hi guys,
this year I spent a bit more time in the park with the instructor (I am not a fan of park).
I am not scared of height or jumps, I use to dive into the water from 35 feet, head first.
I rationalize it's almost two distinct kinds of fear: being too fast before the jump, then fear of landing in the wrong way since in the air I feel getting more speed. FOr this reason I try to brake as soon as I touch ground, falling down in most cases.

Consider I am also not an expert, so I am not comfortable in riding switch, and I am getting used to go fast on flat using my edges rather than going board-flat. I still remember how painful it was the first week every time I was on the flat. So I am also thinking my fear at the lending is the fact that I am supposed to land flat, then I try to stay on an edge.
Watching vids, it seems pros are floating in the air, but I am sure they are going freakingly fast.

It's just practice? is there any hint/suggestion you might share? should I forgo my instinct to stop as soon as I land?
thanks a lot in advance
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