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Default Bad bad beginner habits!

Hey guys just looking for some help!

I went to Niseko to snowboard a few months ago for 5 days and it was my first time ever snowboarding, and I did take 1 lesson and the instructor just told me "to turn just look that way". and i really didn't learn it how the snowolf vids taught it, eg front foot follow through with back foot etc etc.

Anyways i've picked up some bad habits,

1. Turn a transition from heelside to toe side during linking turns i tend to pivot or kick my backfoot out.
2. I tend to just start doing heelside falling leaf on the black runs because i just can't get over how steep it is

Im doing for 5 more days of snowboarding in australia/NZ later this year.

What are some ways i can fix these problems? should i take a lesson again? or should i just work on them myself?
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