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Default 270 on to box/rail features?

Hey I have been working a lot on my park riding this season and have got enough confidence to try some more advanced moves on the beginnerish features: funboxes, flat boxes, down boxes etc.

I know that I'm doing something wrong with my frontside spins, mainly I think I open up too early and my arms tend to do this weird counter-rotation which is obviously bad. That is a big problem for 360's but also it is making these 270s probably more difficult than it needs to be.

Here is a short video of front 270 on to the funbox:

Any tips, other than the obvious "JUST COMMIT! I know my head is in the wrong position (not really leading/looking over my left shoulder during the spin) and I think I can correct that; I am mainly looking for tips on how to properly visualize this & execute it, especially pertaining to those flailing arms.

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