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Originally Posted by alecdude88 View Post
that was actually really good you landed in a pretty solid FS board/BS lip with a counter rotated upper body position. its not problem that you where counter rotated because if they wheren't you would continue to rotate. on a box like that its not that bad but if that happens on a long handrail you might have one hell of a wipeout.
thanks that was actually my first attempt of the day, but it happened to be the best footage that shows everything clearly.

I get that the counter-rotation might be necessary to help stop or slow the spin but my problem is that I am not in control of that counter-rotation.

it's not a voluntary counter-rotation and that is the problem; I feel like it makes these 270s more difficult, less-consistent to land and more importantly it's fucking with my spins if I try to do 360 I stop at about the 270ish mark. I could take another video of me failing at fs 360 on a jump, but it would look very much like my 270 on, so I am trying to correct this problem too.

Thanks so far!
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