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Default possible A/C separation

Originally Posted by LI Boarder View Post
Had a fairly intense burning sensation and somewhat limited mobility for the first two days. Has gotten progressively better 7 days later. Anyone else with this type of injury? Long term effects/complications? What will a doc do to check out? MRI?
Do you have a bump where your collar bone ties into the shoulder joint? Does your deltoid/humerous seem to "step-down"? Is it difficult to lift your arm over your head? If so it could be a separated shoulder. It's a fairly common snowboarding injury, I had two this season, the first was slight the second (three weeks later) was much worse. The doc diagnosed it via x-ray, an mri would have determined the extent of damage to any of the three tendons which serve to hold the shoulder joint together. Its been a month since my second and there is very little pain, some weakness and a lot strange noises when I roll my shoulder. Unless it's very serious, like a level four separation, surgery is usually not necessary. They'll just give you some Motrin, Percs if your lucky, and send you home. As Qball said, at this point I wouldn't waste my time or money going to see a doc.

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