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i broke my clavicle about 3 months ago. only found out from xrays when it happen. otherwise the pain went away after only a few days. i feel like if i hadn't gotten the xrays in the beginning i wouldn't have know. at the time it didn't require surgery, but i wasn't meant to board for at least another 2 months. however 3 weeks later i got back on the board and road conservatively for a couple of weeks, but then pretty hard for about 5 weeks after that. I just went to a different doctor (back in Australia, did the injury and riding in the US) and he wanted to xray it. I now have a overlapping fracture of about 2 inches, which he thinks needs surgery asap to put it back in the right position. while i can't pinpoint any serious crash where i would have re-injured, just riding and sometimes falling probably put stress on it which made it move into the poor position.
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