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Originally Posted by PaoloSmythe View Post
due process and a considered approach are so over rated... especially when war time is a wasting!

thank gawd the EU can finally justify the Eurobomber's / Typhoon's budget though!
And this is exactly why Canadian planes are involved, to cement the F35 deal.

It seems both the US and Canada at least aren't exactly sure why we are getting involved with military action, personally i think that should be made that clear at the outset to avoid situations like a long term occupation of ground forces. (Which seems inevitable)

After describing military action against Libya as “war” during a weekend meeting of world leaders in Paris, Prime Minister Stephen Harper worked the telephones with the opposition leaders to drum up support for the government’s motion.

The Liberals said Monday they would support it, but leader Michael Ignatieff expressed reservations about the fuzzy war aims of the international coalition arrayed against the Libyan regime.

“There is some ambiguity as to whether this is an action whose ultimate objective is regime change or whether it’s an action simply engaged on humanitarian protection,” Ignatieff told the Commons.

MacKay said the intent was to force Gadhafi to stop attacking his own people, but was silent on whether further military action would be required to oust the dictator.

U.S. President Barack Obama was equally opaque Monday. He said a coalition air campaign over Libya is not aimed at removing Gadhafi from power, but added that American policy remained that the Gadhafi “has to go.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon told the debate that Canada also hopes Gadhafi steps down.

"This comment brought to you by Bombay Gin"

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