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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Yep, it is a bit too much like "business as usual". Mr. Obama repeats the tired old mantra of "brutal dictator killing his own people" just as Bush did with Iraq. In fact it`s the same story line we use anytime we see fit to invade a country or overthrow a government as we did to Iran in 1953 over oil. If we were really so concerned about human rights, then why are we not enforcing a no fly zone over Saudi Arabia for their incursion into Bahrain?

This has big oil, Haliburton written all over it and the "change" we got was "same shit, different asshole"....

It is interesting that Obama is even more "fuck you" than Bush. When Bush invaded Iraq, he went through the motions of congressional approval. Obama has not even done that much and has angered not only Republitards, but has alienated once strong supporters in the Democratic party......

Dennis Kucinich has suggested that Obama has committed an impeachable offense for this


Frankly I don't think it is honest to compare a full fledged invasion of a country (based on a lie sold to the rest of the world) and a war that still rages after 10 years, with the enforcement of a no-fly zone (under NATO mandate) without boots on the ground.
Saddam was not killing his own people hiring cut-throats from Angola. Gaddafi is.

On the other hand Gaddafi's only mistake was to use planes and heavy weapons. He should have used machetes, no one would have no one bothered for Darfur...or as Paolo points out for Palestine.
But why you criticize now when they do something? )

Besides would seriously have let Gaddafi slaughter everyone? WHy? The man has been insane for decades. In South Italy (I was born in ROme) there a constant stream of refugees escaping Lybia and wrecking their boats on our (Italian) shores so that they have to be rescued, then they ask asylum.
He even shot a couple of SCUDS our way (Italy) in '86..they landed in the sea, near the island of Ustica. The target was a coast guard base.

What REALLY pisses me off of Obama is Guantanamo, and the habeus corpus issue..that is a real shame.
But fuck Gaddafi...really.

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