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My only question is, 'Why?'

Pull the USS Mount Whitney out, let the 'coalition' fall apart, and let the Europeans have the war they pushed so hard to have. Then we can do exactly what they do: Point and laugh when it all goes to pot, and bitch that we aren't getting the lucrative oil contracts now that someone else's military has done all the hard work (even as we continually criticize).

If nothing else good comes of this, at least I can laugh the next time a Euro (or mini-American) tells me that all my country cares about is using force to protect the oil.

I'm sure the world will understand, we just need to explain to them that Libya has oil. That way when a Libyan sniper puts a bullet through the head of, let's say for argument's sake, western-educated free-radio anti-Gadaffi Libyan broadcaster who's become a major symbol of the resistance, we can just throw our hands up and say 'Sorry, we could have helped, but people don't think we should help countries who have oil. Sad to say, all you rebels and your families are as good as dead.'

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
While I totally sympathize with your point about the ineptitude and lethargy of our congress to act on anything in a timely manner, I do have one question for you. Is it your position that it is acceptable to disregard Constitutional law anytime it proves inconvenient? If so, just where would you draw the line?
Flexibility. You draw a line for each individual case. It sucks, but it's the only way.

To draw yet another 'Do not cross' line without regard to circumstance is just as bad as drawing any other 'Do not cross' line - you're just setting yourself up to cross it again.

Folks can't say for a second that if Obama had brought this before congress it would have passed on time to do any good. We'd have ALL sorts of congressmen using it for cheap political points. Boehner would be up at his pulpit crying again, Palin would be telling us she can see Libya from her house. Bachmann would be telling us that we shouldn't be bombing a country in Australia because they came to America's aid during the reign of Charlemagne (and her people would believe her). And they'd ALL be bitching about the cost of a drop in the bucket even as they refuse to address entitlements because that may cost them votes.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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