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Originally Posted by Rieber View Post
Oh hotels and paintball players. I have had some ridiculous things happen to me while at world cup...I used to work for Kee action/Empire and had pleasure of playing for nothing anywhere I went. Thats when all my friends got out of the sport so it was just me raking in the free stuff which was a bummer because only reason I played was to do well in tournaments and hanging out with my friends.

I still have so much paintball crap and cases of paint I need to get rid of. I have a bunch of work people who want to go play so I cant wait till temperatures get a little warmer and I can go smoke their noob asses haha.

And if anyone wants to buy a new infamous bob long victory for super cheap shoot me a pm I am friends with guys on team and told them I would help em out.

If you are looking to go to best fields Cpx sports in chicago area is the premier field in midwest. it is a great establishment that I highly recommend.
we were sponsored by KEE/Empire for paint. If i can find my jersey ill take a pic and post it up. I think our sponsors were Kee/empire, angel, stiffi, Hollywood Sports Park, SC Village, maybe a couple others i cant remember
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