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Tomahawks and drones are the cheapest and one of the most precise ways to violently kill people from a distance without putting your own men at risk.

I haven't made up my mind about the whole Libya thing in and of itself, but as purely a matter of how it was done (not why it was done) I think for a leader who was backed into a corner by the EU and NATO to do this, Obama handled it as well as anyone could have.

You can ask all the politicians in this country and they'll bitch about it to try and gain votes, but ask just about any foreign observer, pundit, or other talking head, and they will agree that Obama played his cards right when it came to the delicate task of shooting yet more U.S. hardware into a Muslim country - The Arab league was on board, the U.N. was on board, NATO was on board, the security council passed the resolution, and French and English jets were the first over the skies. He's doing everything in his power to a) help the rebels, b) not be seen as hegemonic, c) keep this short.... hopefully, d) not make up wild stories about WMDs or whatever as an excuse, e) keep our boys off the ground, f) keep our boys reasonably out of harm's way

As far as China, Russia, and the Arab League biching about collateral civilian deaths: WTF did you expect? It's war. I think NATO has put a LOT of time, effort, and money into developing very fancy weapon systems that have taken us from WWII Dresden style wholesale slaughter of civilians to a point where civilian casualties, while unfortunate, have been overwhelmingly attenuated (in the case of an air raid).

Now, if we could only get the other countries involved to do what they agreed to do. A lot of countries are showing their true spots right now and just how unreliable they are:
U.S. Pressures NATO Allies To Take Command Of Libya Mission

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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