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Originally Posted by PaoloSmythe View Post
Power is nothing without control.

America's beloved Ronny Raygun regarded Daffy as a 'mad dog' who supported terrarists (tm) such as the IRA and the PLO. At the very least, Daffy can be considered flamboyant! read this profile and note that it was published back in 2009:

BBC NEWS | Africa | Profile: Muammar Gaddafi

Basically what you are suggesting, is that all of a sudden, America is unable to restrain its military might, to sort out this repeat and long term offender, whilst forsaking all the other crimes against humanity being perpetrated across the world?

There is a consistency in what rules are enforced and which are not, and it is not being discussed. This is wrong.
There is inconsistency in how we (US and western world in general) apply those rules, I totally agree with you. And it is very wrong...Has been since...WW2? Look at Israel..need to say more? They regularly bomb and shell and produce civilian one even peeps.

No..what I'm suggesting is that now Daffy "shitted out of the pot" (as we say in Rome) made a mess that could not be ignored and infact is not being ignored.
How much of the attention is BECAUSE Lybia has oil? A lot is my guess...but then in 2011 is that something that still surprises you?
No war was fought for else than political and or resources gain. Ever.

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