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Originally Posted by Kenny Powers View Post
hey there, i have a question:
i've been riding the 07/08 Goliath 157 and am definitely going to buy a bataleon again next season. i'm quite sure that i'm going to go with the new evil twin artist edition, because it's a little softer between the bindings than the Goliath, which should make it easier to butter.
i'm 5'8, 165lbs, i spend most of my time riding parks, but i concentrate on riding kickers (up to 50' so far, planning to hit bigger ones in the future though). i hit a box or a rail once in a while but i don't plan on increasing this dramatically.
the only thing i can't seem to figure out is whether to take the 154 or 157 evil twin. how does the new evil twin compare to the goliath regarding running length and effective edge? if i'm not mistaken, the evil twin has a longer effective edge than the goliath at the same size. i tend towards the 154 evil twin, but i wouldn't want to compromise the effective edge and thus the running stability.
thanks for your help!
You will be great on the 154 ET AE. the 2012 ET AE 154 has the same contact as your Goliath 157 (116 cm). The effective will be slightly less than your board (but only slightly) as yours has a deeper sidecut. The AE is 255 at the waist and will likely be around 265 at the inserts which is great for size 10/10.5 which works out to 28/28.5. 1 cm of barefoot overhang for both toe and heel at straight angles will allow all stance options.

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