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Originally Posted by ,andreas View Post
Also, it sounds like the OP is at fault here. Everything I've heard him complain about is all attributed to human error. Also, it's clear to me now that none of you know what the fuck you're talking about. Don't bitch about the build quality of the headphones if you don't know the backstory of manufacturing them as well. Just a little lesson, almost ALL headphones made in china are the same. The manufacturer has a list of options and specs for the buds/headphones and the company chooses what they want, And then puts their name on it and markets it as their own shit. So saying your Koss or Sony shit is better is all in your head.
You my friend have had absolutely nothing helpful or educational to say... I am now convinced that when it comes to audio equipment YOU have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about if you think skullcandy products are of quality. What we are simply saying is that skullcandy headphones might be decent if they carried a price tag 1/4 of what they actually are... However they charge WAY too much for the product that they sell... I am not complaining, because I have tested their headphones and have chosen to put my money elsewhere. Now if somebody were to repeat the mistake by purchasing sk products repeatedly, and expect a different result then yes... I would have zero sympathy for the buyer, and I think that OP has learned this lesson.

Now onto your point about the "backstory" on production of products. Just because many products are constructed in foreign countries does not mean that they are all of equal quality. For instance, sk headphones are manufactured in China, as are sony'. However if you compare a set of headphones of equal price from each company there is a tremendous difference in both build quality, and sound quality. A $40 set of sony headphones with blow any set of sk' out of the water in both senses (so your argument is neither valid nor educated). So again we are not "bitching" about skullcandy, but simply advising people not to waste their money on sk products. They are WAY overpriced for the quality you get.

I think I can speak for everybody else here in saying please, if you insist on coming back here and bringing negativity with you at least try to educate yourself first so that you do not sound completely ignorant.
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