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Originally Posted by ,andreas View Post
I do not pay the MSRP for skullcandy headphones/earbuds, or any product of theirs for that matter. I repeatedly buy skullcandy because I have had absolutely ZERO trouble with their warranty. Although I shouldn't have to warranty things as much as I did, I'd much rather consistently have a new product and not pay for it, then to buy a new product over and over and over again.

Yet again, you do not know what you are talking about. I just love the fact that you're talking out of you're ass and act like you know what you're talking about,because you touched the earbuds and said, "oh... DIFFERENT." Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide
Well I'm sure that by posting that link you thought you were making a point when in fact if you read that article instead of doing a google search to prove me wrong you would realize that the subject matter covered in that article in fact reinforced what I was saying in the first place... That skullcandy headphones are cheaply made and are not a quality product. Which is exactly what we have been saying throughout this entire thread. If you are too lazy to read the article that YOU posted then let me quote it for you

"Turns out, all that variety can be misleading—particularly when you look at the lower end of the market. While the sheer number of options from companies like Skullcandy and Scosche may suggest otherwise, you are definitely not buying a unique sonic snowflake when you opt for the Asym Rasta IEMs."

Now before you say something dumb let me point out that i understand that the above mentioned headphones are not skullcandy' top of the line, but are still a $30 set of earbuds... Now for $30 you could buy a set of headphones from a reputable company such as V-moda or Sennheiser, and get a much better product. Everything we have been saying in this thread is that for the price you pay for SK' you could get a much better quality product, and your only argument is that all inexpensive headphones are the same which is absolutely not true, and yet again a statement that you have yet back up with actual proof or statistics. But thank you again for not being helpful at all in anything you have said. Oh and don't get mad. I am not trying to pull a "told you so", and if you provide an intelligent, valid argument then I will acknowledge that and give you credit.

So I will stand by my original statement in saying that skullcandy headphones are a sub par quality product, and if you wish to buy some much better quality headphones for a similar price check out v-moda, sennheiser, or the sony MDR line.
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