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Default Getting Your Priorities Straight

So, I just got back from a job interview and got presented with a job offer! I had a choice of morning or evening shift. The evening shift is 15 hours less per week than the day shift so, it would be a somewhat significant amount less money on each weeks paycheck. There was a choice to be made. On one hand, I would be making less money but on the other hand I would have to give up my weekday morning snowboard sessions. The choice was obvious. Starting next week, from 5:30 to midnight I'll be at work and happily riding all morning I love it when shit falls into place. At the end of June I can switch to morning shift and once again in October I'll be given the opportunity to switch back to evenings. Gotta love it.

If anyone else ever took a pay cut or sacrificed their careers to ride or do what they love then post up your stories.
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