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Originally Posted by Nolefan2011 View Post
It's tough to say. What do you like about the Turbo Dream, and what are you looking for? Off the bat, I'd definitely say edge hold is better with the Lib stuff, so in all conditions, you get a lot more there. The Turbo Dream is a pretty sick board. Fast and stable, but I liked the play out of both the T Rice and Jamie Lynn a lot more.

Also, with the profile, the Lib Stuff rides a lot different. The Turbo Dream was stable and smooth, which comes from that 70% flat base to rocker. The Lib stuff is much more skatey. Leaning into the board is fun, and smooth. You get a little of that squireliness when you flatbase, but the edges of the thing were so much fun and responsive. It's hard to describe. It just rides edge to edge a lot different - more like a skateboard.

I also felt the Jamie Lynn and Travis Rice had more pop off hand. It was December though when I rode the Turbo Dream, so memory is foggy there.

I recommend trying before you buy. I came from a Raygun with a similar profile to the Turbo Dream, and the Lib stuff was very different, but in a good way. I could see how some might find this not the direction they wanted, and may even be thinking more of a stiff, cambered board to really bomb runs. Just depends again what you were looking to change with the Turbo Dream.
i think i know what you mean for the most part. i'm not much of a skateboarder so i'm not sure about how the edge to edge response would feel different. i knew one of the major selling points of the lib is magne traction, which is a good thing to have, but not needed since i haven't ridden any ice this year.
i also know what you mean about the pop, compared to my last board it wasn't as much, just mediocre. i bought it for bombing the glades, powder and some park jumps and so far it has pleased me with its performance in all of these areas.
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