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Default Kinda bummed.....

So today I am taking the bindings off of my board I have been riding this season (2010 Signal Omni), and low and behold, under my binding is a giant ass break. Not a crack, but a full on, almost clean through break. Normally, I would be thinking warranty, but I didn't buy this board, I won it. I've shot an e-mail off to Signal in hopes that might take pity on me, though I am not expecting them to by any means. Thankfully, I have another stick to ride, but I love my Signal. It's just a fun board to ride. Anyways, I'm really just venting here. I'll post a picture of it tonight when I get home from work so you guys can see it as well. My biggest question through all of this though is, How long I have been riding with a giant ass break in my board?
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