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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Aww is someone upset because I have a strong opinion and don't give a fuck if it offends people? Don't be pissed I know more about snowboarding than you ever will. If you want to step into that arena of argument and debate bring your man pants and a good understanding of google.

You are not from here so it is not your tax dollars being rolled into paying the police to go enforce this. California tried to do this a year or two ago and the bill didn't pass. Helmets might save lives but when it's our choice as to whether or not we will inherently risk ourselves that is the issue. Would you like it if the government suddenly said hey you know what you've been doing one way your whole life and we've never bothered you for it? Well now we want that to change because one person who had a bad ordeal suddenly feels the need to push their agenda on a whole state or even country. That's what we're dealing with.

Why would I want a police officer on the hill ticketing kids for not wearing a helmet when they could actually be doing something of real value? It's like this countries war on drugs we've lost it yet they keep shoving money at it thinking they'll fix the problem.

Your country is fucking desolate like to the point what 80% of it doesn't house people? Ours on the other hand is just urban sprawl with too many half wits taking up space eating high fructose corn syrup and letting t.v. drain their thought process. You're comparing your country which is a turd to ours which is an apple. Both might be round, ours might turn brown, but yours is still excrement.
Some good trolling right there. I'm still amazed that so many people buy into your shit. Trolling 101.

So many runs so little time.
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