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Not upset mate, just no reason to be the way you are no matter if you give a fuck or not about what people think, there is such a thing called tact, google it. And as far as snowboarding knowledge, no doubt you know more than me and i couldnt care less my life remains the same. As for our country well maybe you need to google some more mate as 80% of our country not being populated is by choice not by nessecity, and also it may have to do with the fact that we have less than 10% of the US's total population, so why wouldnt we live on the coast in our non over populted cities. Do yourself a favour and make a trip down here before making retarded statements about a country you know nothing about.

Back to the topic, i understand that sometimes you dont want to change things you have done all your life but are you saying that as times change then we shouldnt adapt? As life goes on we make new discoveries and gain knowledge so are we supposed to just live the way we used to? I could give a shit if you crack you head open if you know the dangers but why should we not try and protect our children and youth? As far as how much new legislation and laws cost only a lengthy (20+ years) study will probably show the savings or extra cost of enforcing helmet use vs medical cost related to head injuries. Im not going to get into the tax discussion (even though the US is taxed very low compared to most other western countries) and im not suggesting police need to monitor the new rule, i agree with whoever posted that the lift guys enforce it, if you hvae a ticket and no helmet = no ride. But for anyone to simply say that change is infringing against their rights is wrong, change is going to happen no matter what you want/do and no amount of complaining will change this, its how life works, we grow older, get wiser, and put in place systems to help protect our countries future.

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