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Most people just want to be left the fuck alone. Then you have a small percentage of people that try to force their views on everyone else.[/QUOTE]

^^^^Isnt that exactly what you are doing now? and what im doing?

I think the reason that governments enforce rules to protect iindividuals is so that they are not having to answer questions everyday as to why yet another motorist has been killed by not wearing a seatbelt, biker not wearign a helmet etc etc. The entire reason that a government puts laws in place like this is to protect their citizens? i mean we all know that police are there to "protect and serve" well think of some the laws the same way they are put in place so people in a functioning socity are not just dying left right and centre, no one physically forces you to comply with the laws, but if you dont and are caught doing so then there are consequences. If there is no law and no policies in place then how can a society function at all?

I do understand that you are talking about specific laws and i do not expect everyone in this world to think alike as it would be shit boring, but (talking about seatbelts now) when a law is in place that is PROVEN to save peoples lives and significantly reduce injuries, then why would you have a problem with that? What if in 20 years it is "proven" that putting a law in place for minors to wear helmets, would it still be an issue or would you welcome it? those 2 are serious questions im not having a go at you
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