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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
One thing I dislike is the fiery debate that this topic starts.

It's a law put on minors, but everyone begins to talk about their own freedom when they aren't even minors. Then it spills over to something like, "This is how it starts".

Well, it's already started and has been this way for a very long time. We can vote all we want and nothing will change. I'm not being pessimistic, just being realistic. What is all this finger pointing and complaining going to change? Nothing. The law has passed and that's that.

I don't care as long as it doesn't spill over to a mandatory helmet law for adults. I think it's good that minors are being forced to wear it. Screw the argument, "it should be up to the parents". No parent is perfect and far more are just "I don't give a flying F" types. Besides, what determined kid is honest? What's stopping them from acting like they are listening to their parents only to take the helmet off while they are riding? Do you seriously expect parents to ride with their kids 24/7? Minors (and many adults mind you) live with their parents. If they get hurt, guess who has responsibility for medical bills? First the parents. If they can't afford it, it's the tax payers'. This helmet law costs me nothing in comparison to what it is going cost me when kids get injured in a manner that otherwise wouldn't have happened had they been forced to wear a helmet. And in the end, kids aren't exactly known to make good judgment calls. Hell, I'm pushing 30 and still have a tough time with that haha.

Do I think there should be cops? Hell no. That's silly. Just revoke their passes.

And really guys, it's a helmet law. There's a lot more effed up stuff about our government. As for freedom? We are all free to move out of this country. You can't call people sheep if you yourself voluntarily choose to stay in a country that you feel is enslaving their citizens.

Honestly, what can you or I do about any of this? Is it really intruding on your life? Are you not going to snowboard anymore because a helmet law was passed? Did this ruin your dinner plans tonight? It's not going to affect me in any way. I was going to make my kid wear one anyway when the time comes to ride.

By the way, the seatbelt thing... I have no argument against that law. You only think it only affects you. If you get in a high speed crash on the freeway and your body flies out the window, you're body becomes a missile or at least a road obstacle. Now you're affecting other people. Mainly, you're affecting your passengers that choose to wear theirs. What's the point of me wearing my belt if a human projectile is flying around in the car during a crash?
this is more or less the point i was trying to make.
im as liberal as the rest of you, but quit bitching about your rights being taken away when this law affects only the people whose rights are already limited by their age and idiocy.
even if this doesnt somehow infringe upon your rights, there isn't a single person on here or anywhere else that could convince me this law won't in some way benefit someone who would otherwise have hurt themselves had they not been wearing a helmet.

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