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I'd be more interested in a study about how many people were saved due to the use of helmets. The death count tells me very little regardless of helmet use. A helmet only does so much for riders.

I'm not interested in helmet use so I can go beyond my skillset. I'm more interested in keeping my head safe from the small stuff. I don't want my season to end because I caught an edge on an ice patch.

That's why I want my kids to wear one. Stats show only 40 deaths occur in skiing/snowboarding. But how many deaths and injuries DIDN'T occur due to helmet use.

That's a stat that would matter, but it's also a stat that can't accurately be recorded. No way to tell if a helmet did in fact save me from injury or death the last time I smacked my head. I can only make assumptions that it did. The only way to know for sure is if doctors and physicists were watching my fall and were able to see exactly how I impacted with the ground. Even then, it's just an educated guess lol.

Damn, I must be bored haha.
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