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Originally Posted by East§ide View Post

1. if the law stops even one kid from having a serious or fatal head injury, it's worth it
If one terrorist attack is averted by tapping everyone's phone then it's worth it

Originally Posted by East§ide View Post
I just think this whole thing has been way overblown. Sure, there's tons of bigger issues the government could be spending money on..however, this is a state government law, not a federal law, so if you aren't in the state that demands it, it has little to no bearing on you. In addition, there are a MILLION wasteful ways the government spends money... I can think of a lot that are way stupider and unnecessary than insisting that minors wear helmets while snowboarding.
The thing you are failing to realize in most of your posts is that it does affect everyone. Something that has to be considered is that each state has a certain budget, when it falls short they have to apply for federal money to make up for it. There is not only the time and money wasted by passing this law. There is enforcement of the law, The collection of the fines, the processing of each court case, and a ton of paperwork behind it all. Have you ever had a speeding ticket? Sure no big deal to you, minor inconvenience, you go home, write a check for the fine and mail it, done for you. On the other side of that, the officer has to write a report, store the video file(dash cam) and log it into evidence. Then there is a court date set, a case file generated, a clerk that has to rubber stamp the resolution of said case once it's paid. Now say you forget to pay the fine, a warrant is issued that has to be signed by a judge, executed by a police officer, and a bed in a cell that has to be open to accommodate you when you are arrested on said warrant. I know this law is just one example of a frivolous waste of law enforcement and court resources, however if you add them all up it is a considerable drain on the whole economy.

While I agree that children should wear helmets, how are they going to enforce this law? Station a police officer at each resort? Have ski patrol detain the offender until a cop can come issue a citation? The first option is a horrible waste of manpower. Not to mention, do you really want a real cop stationed at your hill? If you walk by a (ski) patrol reeking of kind bud, none of us care, if you walk by a real cop reeking of bud...well you get it. The second is a waste of safety personal time. If I'm babysitting little Billy and his parents until a cop can get there, guess what, I'm not on the hill doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Which is keeping you safe, issuing first aid, and dragging you down the hill if you break yourself. So my time is better spent babysitting some brat rather then splinting your broken leg?

To me it's a matter of resorts being so far released from liability that the insurance companies don't put any pressure on them to make this a policy. Think about mandatory drug testing for employment. If a company doesn't have a drug testing policy then their insurance goes up. To me (and others) this should be a resort policy, simple enough, if a kid is getting on the lift with out a helmet, guess what, they don't get on, and/or have their pass jerked. How many times do you think it would take of little Billy calling his parents to come back and pick him up would it take before they bought him a helmet? My guess would be about once. Or in order to even purchase a lift ticket for a minor you would have to show that said minor has a helmet, issue a different color pass to minors so the lifties know exactly who has to have a helmet to get on the lift.

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