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How long to you suppose it will be before some rich douche bags 19 y.o. kid dies and they go on a crusade? It's already okay to have a helmet law for kids, so why not adults? Next would be as B.A. said it will be wrist guards, and a bunch of other BS. I for one want the CHOICE of wearing a helmet. The main reason I wear mine is because it is warmer then a beanie lol. On those bluebird spring days cruising soft corn I don't wear it. If I crack my head, so be it, if I wanted a safe hobby I'd take up golf or bowling

**Please note: the following paragraph is not directed at anyone in particular**

The fact of the matter is, people need to take responsibility for themselves and their kids. If you need the government to make a law so your kid will obey your own rules then you are to stupid to breed. The real key here (as has been said before) is education....PERIOD!! Like the idiot that crusaded for this law, he "thought" skiing was safe, and his daughter was just gonna goof off and throw a few snowballs?? REALLY?? MORON!!! What if one of those snowballs had a chunk of ice in it that put out her eye? Should snowballs be outlawed too? If they were going to make a law to reduce injuries I think it would have been better to have a mandatory safety classes, before a minor can get a pass. That right there would reduce a lot of the accidents, since they would not only learn the limitations of helmets, but also proper etiquette.
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