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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
Wouldn't the seatbelt be the lesser of two evils scenario? All stats that I've seen show seatbelts saves more lives than it takes.
Either way, the question is whether the individual has the right to make decisions regarding his/her own well-being. Clearly the law answers that question in the negative.

Sure, statistically that is probably the case. Then again after they mandated seatbealts in the mid-1980s, I'm pretty sure the statistics didn't show a significant decrease in fatalities. I'm not saying "don't wear a seatbelt" but that law is a good one to see the path that the law takes as it metastasizes; originally it had to be a secondary violation where you could not be pulled over simply for not wearing a seatbelt. 20 years later we have "click it or ticket" campaign.

So this starts with minors in NJ and then spreads to other states and the next thing you know it's everywhere and everyone has to do it.
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