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All you have to do is put a tax on gasoline. No electronics required, no public acceptance issues (no more than with any other tax grab anyway), and it automatically penalizes those with gas hogs.

What's that you say? They already have such a thing? Wow, who'da thought...

This brings up a pet peeve of mine (and probably a lot of other people) where the gov't (at every level) is trying to think up new twists on collecting taxes. "Maybe if we call it a levy...". "OK, we'll put a tax on shopping bags...". "Add a tax at the checkout for recyclables...". Seriously, do they really think if they call it something different, we won't notice? This is all coming out of the same pocket in the end -- it doesn't matter how you dress it up, if my total tax bill goes up, my discretionary income is gonna go down.

The worst part is when they add a tax/levy/user fee/whatever for the same thing, two or three times. The rationale (well, one of them) for the gasoline tax is for road infrastructure -- the people who use the roads, should pay for the roads. But you notice that they never reduce the income tax by an equivalent amount so that people who don't use roads will stop paying for them. Then they'll add a tax for vehicle purchases, to help pay for road infrastructure. And oh look, neither the income tax nor the gasonline tax goes down. Qu'elle surprise.

I've simply stopped listening to the rationalizations for new taxes and tax hikes. You're hiking my taxes because you can't make it on what you're already taking. Period. If I dislike it enough, I'll vote you out. Period. If I think you're insulting my intelligence with an especially moronic excuse, I'll vote you out just on principle.

Damned politicians.

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