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Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post
Again..when the goal is profit curing the symptoms is much more profitable than finding the cure...Not that I have a quick solution...
That's not a problem. Profits can only be made if you provide a service or good to society that benefits society. We could completely eliminate the purchase of gasoline and petroleum derived products and then petrol companies wouldn't make a dime. Of course, petroleum products are pretty useful, huh? Maybe their deep margins are indicative of the width and breadth of usefulness of their products. If prices are too high, the market corrects and it's reflected in lower aggregate demand. Of course, since aggregate demand isn't decreasing, then it's obvious prices aren't too high. It's a sign that the product they provide is incredibly useful. It's a sign that society is too dependent on gasoline because we value our mobility.

Ask yourself this: would YOU be willing to buy only lccal made products that don't require shipment across the country? Would you be willing to drive 30% less and take the subsequent limitations this would place on your mobility? WOuld you be willing to use less petroleum derived products or products which use petroleum (for transport or other means) in their manufacture?

Life would start to get really hard, really quickly. People aren't willing to do this and this is the real reason petrol companies get to charge big prices and NOTHING changes.

The goal of EVERYONE is profit, not just petroleum companies. That's how an economy works. It's the exchange of things of value you can provide in exchange for things of value you want provided.
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